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What Clients Say

'We hired Gil after working with several other 'photographers' before I came onboard. As a NYC Art Director I did my own research I discovered Gil. We have never used anyone else since,' 
Jean G  

What you should expect from Gil Stose Photography?

Knowing a good photographer is not so complicated but ignorance could make you settle for less. Many people claim they are good photographers, while some live up to the potential they claim others can be quite disappointing. The last thing anyone wants is a day full of photography stunts with no good pictures to show for it. To avoid something like this, you need to know what distinguishes a good photographer from a bad one. Any professional editorial photographer would have these attributes naturally. Although these attributes are not so far-fetched, one could easily overlook them while looking for a good photographer. Some of the attributes one can expect from a good photographer are


One would expect a good photographer to be professional during photography sessions. Being professional implies doing what you are required to do with no beating around the bush. An unprofessional photographer with flawed job objectives is not preferable. So if you are looking for a good photographer, you should observe the way he relates to you as a potential client. We at Gil stose photography prioritize our clients and this is accompanied by our acts of professionalism before, during, and after any photography session.

A strong portfolio

A professional editorial photographer would have a good portfolio that boasts of the best works he/she has done in the past. While some upcoming photographers might not have a lot of pictures in their portfolio, the quality of a portfolio is based on the quality and not the number of pictures in it. We at Gil Stose Photography can boast of a portfolio that includes editorial photography services puerto rico and  Caribbean, the best 360-degree photography North Carolina and many more. Gil's portfolio includes 20 plus years in the industry working with the most discriminating clients and ,magazines.  

Top-notch customer service

A good photographer would address you with the respect deserving of a client. No one wants a rude photographer who can't adapt to suit their taste. A good photographer would understand that he/she can only advise any client but not impose any decisions or concepts on them. This is typical of a good photography firm like Gil stose photography, we cannot but provide our clients with exactly what they want. This is evident in our editorial photography services Caribbean  and the best 360-degree photography North Carolina. North American work ethic.


With the high numbers of photographers out there, the last thing you want is to hire a photographer that can deliver as you expected.  If you are looking for a good photographer, you need to look out a good photographer according to the been listed points. If one or two of these attributes are missing, then you need to reconsider your choice. A good photography firm like Gil Stose Photography would be happy to work for you. We are serving for long and gained a huge experience in offering the best photography services. We are the TOP Rated real estate photographers in San Juan, Guynabo, Dorado, Dorado Beach, Bahia Beach, CoCo Beach, Palmas and RIncon.  We are Ritz Carlton Certified and the official Caribbean photographer for AirBnB Luxe in the Caribbean. Plus, we always use advanced equipment to provide the best results. Hence, directly have candid words with us to share what exactly you want! 

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