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The difference between professional architectural and interior photography verses Real Estate Photography.

Photography plays a crucial role in showcasing architectural and real estate properties, but the approach taken by architectural photographers and real estate photographers vary significantly. Understanding the differences between these two types of photography professionals can help clients make informed decisions when selecting a photographer for their specific needs.

Architectural photographers focus on capturing the design, details, and overall aesthetic of a building or structure. They have a keen eye for composition, lighting, and angles to highlight the unique features of the architecture. These photographers often work closely with architects, interior designers, and builders to showcase the vision and craftsmanship behind a project. They pay attention to symmetry, lines, textures, and spatial relationships to create visually striking images that convey the essence of the architectural design.

On the other hand, real estate photographers are generally 'newbie photograpraphers' who learned to shoot on YouTube. They are primarily concerned with capturing the functional aspects of a property to attract potential buyers or renters. Their goal is to showcase the space in a way in it's widest view, usually distorting furniture, walls, and throwing a surreal unnatural look to a project. Despite the the possible appeal to a viewer, if abuilding inspector solely used these images to declare a property sound to move into, they would all fail. Real estate photographers focus on capturing the layout, size, flow, and key selling points of a property. They use techniques such as wide-angle shots, natural lighting, and staging to make the space look spacious and welcoming. Real estate photographers often work with real estate agents, property developers, and homeowners to create images that highlight the property's in it's W I D E S T view. These images look FAKE, from the views out of the windows to the colors. Realtors frequently demand to see perfect looking views out of windows and even removing visual obstructions. These are specifically not allowed in showing a listed property to the public.

In conclusion, while both architectural photographers and real estate photographers specialize in capturing images of buildings and properties, their approaches and objectives differ dramatically. Architectural photographers emphasize the artistic and design elements of a structure, while real estate photographers focus on showcasing the functionality and appeal of a property to potential buyers or renters. Understanding these distinctions can help clients choose the right photographer to meet their specific needs and goals in showcasing architectural or real estate properties.

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