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kitchen faucet and backsplash
tub faucet and tile detail
kitchen sink detail
open siematic drawers

Kitchen and bath photography by photographer Gil Stose is one of his favorite things to do. Gil has worked with the top kitchen and bath designers as well as the some of the top brands in the world. Kitchens, drawers, countertops and more.

How to Capture Impressive Kitchen and Bath Photographs?

Are you looking forward to hiring kitchen and bath photographers to give a boost to your business? Whether you are an architect or a real estate agent, showing impressive pictures to your clients is beneficial for you. Impactful pictures set a perspective about your working style; high-quality pictures matter a lot.

Some architects or realtors think hiring a professional photographer is unnecessary, but it can be a huge mistake. Business expansion is only possible when you stand out in the crowd, and photography is a way out.

Kitchen and bath photography involves more than just setting a tripod and camera. It is art and science to capture images. Professional kitchen and bath photography in the Caribbean starts with planning a shot and ends with editing it. Your photographer will choose a prop, eliminate the distractions, and highlight the elements you want people to notice. Gil Stose Photography follows a similar approach. Here we plan out the shoot, select the props, discuss what to include in the picture and whatnot.

Below we have discussed a few of our strategies for capturing impressive pictures that make people observe the kitchen and bathroom more closely.

Sink area

The sink area is the focal point of any kitchen. Some have windows above them and rays of light passing through them, while others are decorated with plants. Such views give a sense of freshness to the viewer; that's why a close-up of the sink area is important to capture. It makes people feel a sense of cleanliness, freshness, and openness available around the sink area.

Design details

Does your kitchen have an outstanding stove? Or do the cabinets have unique designs? Showing these small details to the viewers can gain their attention. Picking out these unique elements triggers the interest of people. Therefore, pick some outstanding elements in the kitchen and include them in the pictures.

Dining area

The dining area is the soul of every kitchen, and if it is interesting, people will look at more pictures of your kitchen. Ensure that you remove distracting elements from your pictures, like hand towels or unnecessary furniture.

Call us today for the best kitchen and bath photography Service

By hiring a professional kitchen and bath photography expert in North Carolina, you ensure that there is no compromise with the quality of pictures. Professional photography includes an all-important element in the picture that can make people look for more.

You don't have to explain much to anyone about your work; pictures speak it all. Hence, get high-quality pictures of your projects from our experienced photographer.

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